Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer work provides an opportunity to grow, to bond and to experience good feelings that are carried back to life through your family and the workplace. Our local affiliate, Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity, is in need of volunteers! Each person who works beside you is there for their own reasons; they just plain want to help! Whether you are new to the area, recently retired, widowed or you wish to involve your youth or business group in a worthwhile project, give us a call. It is amazing what we can accomplish with just one additional pair of hands.

Review our many volunteer opportunities outlined below. If you wish to volunteer, please complete the Online Volunteer Form or download the Volunteer Form and mail us the completed form. We will contact you!


We are currently preparing the home site for Home Number 12 and we hope you will be moved to volunteer your time to help us prepare the site and build this new home.

If you are already a volunteer, please contact us to update your contact information, including your email address, so that we can contact you when we are ready to staff the various tasks. If you are not yet a volunteer, and you wish to help us with this house or with any other volunteer activity, please complete our volunteer registration form. We will be in touch! You can also email Lori Reed, our Volunteer Coordinator at John.McTurk@vvhabitat.org with any questions you may have.


12/12/15 Thank you to Yavapai Adult Probation for volunteering to help us improve our ReStore Shine!  This past Saturday, they cleaned and organized around our ReStore property and we are very grateful!  You are helping to create a welcome and inviting atmosphere for our customers!

We currently need assistance in our Home Improvement ReStore. We need assistants to pick up donated items, to help unload, clean, sort merchandise and to provide floor help while the store is open to the public.

Office Volunteer

We can always use help Tuesday – Saturday, answering our phones, screening ‘donation calls, preparing mailings, data entry, etc. If you have any special skills, let us know. Help us make Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity a better operation with your help.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Become a Board / Committee Member

We need volunteer assistance in our decision-making body. Our Board meets monthly and forms committees on an as-needed to prepare for events. If you have skills in fundraising, grant writing, volunteer organizing or if you just want to be part of our team, give us a call at 928-649-6788.